Shed11 Studio runs highly informative seminars and workshops  for schools, businesses​ and individuals to understand, harness and utilise digital photographic visual imagery.  Understanding how imagery works, promotes and conveys our narrative is key in these hyperconnected times.

We taylor our seminars and workshops for each group and organisation so as to optimise the learning outcomes.  From absolute novices to those wanting to go deeper and further in their photographic journey.

Our school programs are about helping children and students develop a more comprehensive understanding about the images they both take and also share online.  We advocate and promote visual literacy for all school aged children, after all nearly every child is now both a photographer and publisher.

For businesses our programs explore how certain images create impact and foster emgagement with our customer base.  Understanding why certain visual narratives work and others don't.

School/Youth Workshops/Programs.

Youth Program Portfolio.


Packages and Pricing.

Beginners Workshop $135


- One day from 10am till 3pm

- Powerpoint presentation

- Cover basic camera operation

- Know your camera

- Hands on actual shooting




Beginners Workshop (2 hours) $85


- Half day from 10am till 12pm

- Powerpoint presentation

- Cover basic camera operation

- Know your camera

- Hands on actual shooting




Business Seminar on Visual Imagery

This  program is for businesses that want to develop a deeper engagement with their customer base through strong images that promote  and enhance their brand,

By understanding the psychology and discipline of the images we see, share and promote drive our business and personal narratives.  As our understanding of these principles develop, so to is our capacity to convey our business.

Pricing based on number of staff attending.  

This is a 1 hour seminar which can easily be delivered at your premises during or after working hours,


Location Workshop


Surfers Paradise ($120) - Hinterland/Landscape/Nature ($280)(Min. 7/8 people)


- 9am till 4pm weekend

- Info/handout

- Supply minibus (Hinterland/Landscape/Nature   only)


Macro Workshop ($150)


- Half day 9am till 1pm

- We provide lighting, flowers and chance


Please note:

- MW = Mid Week Sales

- Workshops dependent on numbers (5 min)




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